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KakiBolsas, Bolsas Bax ¡Pupo!, Rollos de Bolsas para mascotas hidrosolubles, biodegradables y compostables certificadas

Pet Waste Bags Roll

Pet Waste Bag

The Kaki Bags do not leave microplastics at any stage of their life cycle as they are made only from Polivitalio. Others, on the other hand, made from avocado seed or cornstarch, contain up to 70% conventional plastic, which is why they prevail in nature for at least 500 years, can you believe it?

Kaki Bags are the first and only 100% water-soluble pet bags, with certifications and laboratory tests that confirm it, it is the solution to stop contamination from pet bags.

Rollo de Bolsas biodegradables para mascota

Material Benefits


Biodegrades in organic landfills in up to 22 days


Disappears in 98 sewer days, ( Vinogradsky Column )


Although its content is NOT composable, the material is: Standard EN13432

Recorriendo el perro en un día soleado

Can you imagine reforesting hectares using your glass? ... Without polluting and without leaving microplastics!

We did the impossible!

Decomposition proven in 12 weeks

Costa Rica ¡Pura Vida!

Biodegradable Poopy Bags
Rollos de Bolsa para Mascotas Costa Rica
KakiBolsa ® Bolsas biodegradables para desechos de mascotas
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