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Plastic Wire Coils

What is a plastic?


What are Biobased, also called Bioplastics?

Many plastics are produced from non-renewable energy sources such as oil or gas. Significant efforts have been made to develop products from renewable energy sources.

Natural Bio-based Polymers: these polymers are synthesized by living organisms, such as polysaccharides, cellulose, vegetable oils, proteins among others, which after extraction and purification can be used directly in various industrial applications.

Synthetic Bio-based Polymers: monomers are derived from renewable sources of energy, but their conversion into polymers requires a chemical transformation. This is the case of cornstarch, which can be converted into lactic acid to obtain polylactic acid –PLA. This PLA can be used in the manufacture of packaging, non-woven textiles and toiletries.

Sin títuDlo-1.png

Why does The Green Team © use the plastic symbol and in the center a letter 'G'?

The Green Team , works punctually under the commercial philosophy of handling products that are compatible with the environment (Eco-Compatible). However, our raw material is classified, by tariff issues, within chemical number '7', like cellulose or other raw materials such as corn starch.

Therefore, if you do the count in the American alphabet which number corresponds to letter G, you will discover that it is the number 7. So we handle the triangle with the number 7, but in a creative way.


In my country they request compost certification, do they have?

Yes, The Green Team Corporation has Compost certification in its raw material under the EN13432 standard. It has validity. However, you should be advised if your local legislation requires any local validation. Since countries like Panama do not recognize it. Only the local standard is valid.

Productos Compostables México

I want to request other laboratory tests, which ones can we do?

The Green Team
Productos Compostables Chile

Sale of bags
hydro soluble,
biodegradable and compostable products, sale of products that do not pollute specialists in saving the planet, with the  environmental care. we care about the ocean and that there are no plastics in it, that is why we created water-soluble bags, biodegradable in land, air and water, and compostable.
We hope to be able to help you with your eco-friendly vision to avoid having to use more plastics since little by little we will end up with so much pollution.
water-soluble bags are made to solve environmental problems and help you in your home or business to make it easier to stop polluting, encouraging people to replace plastic and thus be ecologically friendly.


Do these tests have any cost?

Yes, each laboratory test has a cost, we do not charge for them. We will only be the link between the laboratory and your company when you want to do them. Our materials already have them, however, it is recommended that they be made in the name of your company to have local validity. On the other hand, if you want to do them on your own, we can recommend excellent laboratories that can advise you either in Europe or America.


Note: We are working on this section. Little by little we will enrich it with important data. However, we ask you to understand that we have placed simple information, easy to understand, but that if you want access to bibliographic information, studies, reports, you can gladly request them at:

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