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Detergente en Láminas Detergente Biodegradable
Earth Breeze
Natural Load ®
Detergente Biodegradable Detergente en Láminas


Cómo se usan las láminas de detergente

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Detergente Biodegradable
Detergente Biodegradable Costa Rica
Detergent Laundry Sheets Earth Breeze

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Detergente en Láminas
Detergente Biodegradable México

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Detergente Biodegradable México

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Detergente Biodegradable Costa Rica

Which detergent yields more

Cuánto detergente debo usar para lavar ropa

Did you know that not all detergents perform the same?

First of all "READ" the small print of the detergent you use, since the recommended dose is for the MINIMUM WASHING UNIT.

How much DETERGENT should I use to wash my clothes?

One load of laundry, typically de 8kg or 17Lbs of dry clothes. And even if your washing machine has a capacity of kilograms (19-21-23-25 among others), that weight includes the weight of the clothes plus the water contained, which ranges from 40 to 60 liters of water.

Powder detergent:250 grams (one cup) for a full load

Liquid detergent:220ml (one cup) for a full charge

Detergent in Pods: 3 Pods for a full charge of

Sheet Detergent:1 Sheet of 5 grams for a full load

* Full Load: Equivalent to 8Kg of dry clothes. A shirt / T-shirt weighs 100 grams or 10 per Kg. A pair of pants weighs 750 grams. Socks 50 grams per pair. Underwear 50 grams per piece. Approximate average weights.

How much can I wash with my Natural Load® pack?

Natural Load® is an ultra-concentrated detergent. Each sheet weighs

5 grams and a complete package of 16 sheets yields to wash

128 kilos of clothes!.

A package of Natural Load® weighs less than a peach. 

Natural Load® nanotechnology What does it do in my wash?

Natural Load®'s patented nanotechnology provides an ionic effect,

eliminating fungi, viruses and bacteria up to 99%. Many brands use pesticides or harsh chemicals that can affect your health or damage your clothes.

Can I use Natural Load® on colored clothes?

Yes, it is made for all types of clothing.

Its main ingredient isCoconut Glycocid,

naturally providing softness and protection on all types of fabrics.

It is always advisable to separate white and colored clothes.

Detergente Biodegradable en Láminas
Detergente en Láminas
Earth Breeze - Natural Load

What makes my Natural Load® unique?

Natural Load® is a biodegradable detergent, free of phosphates and fluorescent agents. It is also hypoallergenic because it is Paraben free.

Every time you wash, you save 97% of detergent! In addition, you help

to the planet, reducing the carbon footprint.

It takes up 97% less space than other detergents. It is easy to use and dose!

It is ideal for supermarkets, since it takes up very little space on the shelf and is beneficial for users. It is very easy to transport!

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