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Raw Material to made Biodegradable and Compostable Products



Resina Compostable Policanoico

In the ever-evolving world of environmental innovation, the Green Team® has launched a disruptive solution called POLICANOICO® Resin.


Offering a sustainable and EcoCompatible alternative for companies and industries looking to reduce their environmental footprint, this biodegradable and compostable Raw Material has taken the industry by storm.

POLICANOICO® Resin is not only Eco-friendly and EcoCompatible. The film result, it's incredibly easy to compost!... International labs can certify the compostability of final products using this resin.

Green Team® is proud to be a part of this Eco-friendly journey. We are a symbol of trust and quality in the global industry.

We understand the importance of providing solutions with high value content as the industry's needs expand with this kind of materials to stay in line with laws and norms.


POLICANOICO® Resin demonstrates our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future where innovation and environmental responsibility are combined...

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