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Pliegue de papel


Vasos de Cartón Bioidegradable

Nanotechnology with great cleaning power
Does not pollute!

What is Natural Load?

It is the easiest and most ecological way to wash your clothes!

Laundry detergent in sheets with a deep cleaning capacity thanks to its  nanotechnology. It is hypoallergenic and eliminates viruses and bacteria.

It is made of polyivitalio®, a raw material soluble in hot or cold water, free of microplastics that is  compostable and 100% biodegradable.

Bobinas de papel o polipapel bidoegradable para vasos
Bobina de Papel Bioegadable para Vaso
Bobina de Papel Bioegadable para Vaso
Pajias biodegradables Popotes
Empaques de grado alimenticio
Paper cups - Vasos de Carton

Can you imagine reforesting hectares using your glass? ... Without polluting and without leaving microplastics!

We did the impossible!

Decomposition proven in 12 weeks

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