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Laundry Detergent Sheets Earth Breeze

Biodegradable Detergent Sheets, with patented Nanotechnology that cleans and disinfects your clothes. Does not contain Phosphates, Triclosan or Parabens. Delicious and natural aroma of Jasmine!

1 Sheet of 5 gramsIt is equivalent to 250g of powder detergent and 220g of liquid detergent.

Rollo de bolsas para desechos mascotas

Rolls of continuous bags, for pet waste.

Biodegradable material in organic waste up to 22 days. Flushable and certified compostable

Rolls of 10-12 bags at the customer's request. Available colors and printing

Guantes Hidrosolubles Green Team
Water Soluble Gloves

Water Soluble Gloves, disposable and single use. Ideal for chemical and food handling. Once used they can be solubilized in water at more than 10ºC

Bolsa con adhesivo de seguridad
security bag

Bags with adhesive flap 100% BlackOut.

It prevents the passage of light up to 99.78%. Inviolable adherence system

Bolsa para cadáveres
Body bag

body bag

92cm wide x 229cm Length (36.2in x 90.1in)

In case of incineration, it does not emit chlorine gases or CFCs

Rollos de PVA hidrosoluble
water soluble film

PVOH Water Soluble Film.

Blow and Cast film.

Solubility temperature and film color options.

Bolsas biodegradables para basura

Jumbo Trash Bag

85cm Width x 120cm Height (33.4" x 47.24")

High resistance to weight and humidity. Soluble at 80ºC

White or color option

Bolsas Rappi hidrosoluble

DieCut Bags (Boutique).

Option of side bellows or interior bellows (bottom).

Color option, transparent and patterned.

Pods film hidrosoluble
Film for PODS

Films for PODS.

Available solubility temperatures (Celsius degrees):

5th - 15th - 25th

Bolsas para Delivery Hidrosolubles

Rectangular bags, loose one by one. Transparent option or colors. Solubility from 60ºC

Bolsas Hidrosolubles De Pva
pesticide bags

High solubility bagsfrom 2ºC. Heat sealable

Bolsa resellable de transparencia cristalina
flap bag

Bag for Ecommerce or textile industry. Resealable or inviolable adhesive. Prints available.

Bolsa cubrepolvos hidrosoluble
dust bag

Continuous bag rolls, Transparent or Solid Color option. Printing available.

Bolsa Hidrosoluble Rappi Delivery

Film soluble in hot water from 60ºC. It is recommended for transporting dry goods. It resists up to 4 times more weight.

Bolsas Biodegradables para Basura Hidrosolubles PVA

Continuous bag rolls for garbage. Option on or star-type central sealing. Color on request and print available

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